Which Type of Gold is the Best to Buy?

A Beginners Guide for Buying The Best Type of Gold

We live in a world that’s volatile and highly economically unstable. The value of money changes all the time. Financial crises, political phenomena and even social unrest could lead to serious devaluation of investment assets.

Precious metals have long been seen as a viable alternative to all other investment options. Gold and silver maintain their value through the years, they’re an ideal buffer against inflation and their price has historically gone up whenever currency lost its value.

The precious metals investment market has many options to offer. Which type of gold is best to buy? How can you distinguish between the possibilities, especially if you’re just getting started? The following guide will give you all of the answers.

Look for Authenticity and Certification

The first and the most important rule to follow is make sure that the gold you’re about to buy has a proven origin, sufficiently high quality and a certificate of authenticity. Looking for all of those will give you the best possible investment and help you rest assured that you have purchased the real thing.

Karatbars, for example, are products that correspond to all of the mentioned criteria.

The Karatbars gold is 999.9 percent pure, 24-karat gold. The authenticity of the product is guaranteed by the company. All of the Karatbars have been manufactured following the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) regulations.

In addition, the bars come sealed with a hologram. Buying from a reputable company that works with one of the best gold refineries in the world and that has all of its products certified will give you access to top quality and financial stability in the long run.

1 Gram, 2.5 Grams & 5 Gram Karatbars Gold Cards Are Easy To Purchase

Many gold products come in the form of heavier bars or investment coins. These products can be particularly difficult to buy because they will require serious upfront investment. Because of this market specific, many people find themselves incapable of buying investment gold or silver.

Karatbars are changing the model by giving buyers access to a more affordable option.

The Karatbars start from one gram. Because of this minimal weight, the initial investment needed to purchase gold is going to be limited. Many people that can’t afford regular gold bars feel particularly happy about getting started with the Karatbars purchase.

If you don’t have a lot of money available for an investment in precious metals, you may consider a lightweight option like the smallest Karatbars. These will enable you to test the opportunities in the world of precious metal investment and figure out whether this is something you’d like to continue with.

Karatbars Provides Additional Opportunities To Make Money

Just a few companies in the world of precious metal investment give you additional opportunities for earning money. Karatbars International is one of those companies and the business model that it has developed is unique.

By becoming a Karatbars affiliate, you can continue earning money even after you’re done with buying your gold.

The method is really simple. Each referral that you make and that results in the purchase of gold will grant you a commission amount. Karatbars has developed several opportunities for its affiliates. The package that you pick in the beginning will be determining for the percentage commission you’re going to get. The good news is that you can start with the basic business plan and change it to something else when you decide that you’d like to be more serious with your Karatbars affiliate efforts.

Karatbars Are A Reasonable Price Considering The High Level Of Gold Purity & Certification

The final aspect of buying gold, though it’s far from the most important one, is the price.

Looking for the best price to quality ratio is much more crucial than accessing the cheapest possibility that the market has to offer. When it comes to giving you quality silver at a reasonable price, Karatbars is certainly one of the best companies on the market.

Gold gives you a chance to guarantee your financial security in the long run. Gold products, however, aren’t created equal. Doing careful preliminary research and comparing pros and cons side by side will make it a lot easier for you to decide about the best product.