Karatbars Scam

Is Karatbars A Scam?

The information below aims to help clarify ill-placed doubts and misinformation, with clear, well-researched facts that clearly illustrate why Karatbars International is BY NO MEANS A SCAM, but rather a legitimate, highly regulated and burgeoning company that now operates in over 123 countries around the world.

There is a lot of information online about the experiences of different Karatbars International customers who have given the Karatbars Business Opportunity a go and have achieved great results creating a passive residual income.

Hear What REAL Karatbars Customers Are Saying About Karatbars International

Some of the biggest Karatbars pros mentioned in the customer testimonials include the fact that the Karatbars program is free to join, there’s no need to exchange gold every single month, the program provides a range of attractive incentives for individuals that have joined and it also features cost-efficient methods for gold acquisition.

Gold Spot Price Explained

A subject that has been the source of much controversy online is that Karatbars gold is more expensive than some other gold distributors. There are a number of valid reasons why this is the case.

"Many people incorrectly assume the SPOT PRICE of gold to be the actual price at which the general public can make a purchase."

Brian McGinty Explains How The Gold Spot Price Works

The spot price of gold is defined as the current market price at which that particular product can be bought or sold at a certain place and time.

"To put it simply, the Spot Price of Gold is the price that currency traders can buy and sell gold future contracts, it is NOT the price at which you can buy physical gold."

Small quantities of Gold Bullion that customers can purchase is usually set at slightly higher price than what the spot price of gold is.

Is Karatbars International A Pyramid Scheme Or A MLM?

A topic that has proved to be the source of much controversy online is whether or not Karatbars International is a Pyramid scheme, and if the affiliate program offered to its members is a form of Multi-Level Marketing.

Pyramid schemes in essence require members to continually recruit more and more members, and/or solicit additional money from existing members for the system to work. They very seldom, if ever, offer any real products or services that have innate value to their customers.

In contrast to this, Multi-Level Marketing is a Direct Selling marketing approach wherein members earn money via the sale of goods & services, in addition to receiving a percentage of the sales their down-line (recruited members underneath them) have obtained.

is karatbars a pyramid schemeBoth business models use a pyramid shaped structure, however MLM programs offer goods and services of value, Pyramid schemes DO NOT!

Pyramid schemes are illegal and quickly shut down by regulatory bodies that enforce strict and ethical business practices.

"Unlike MLM’s & Pyramid Schemes which crumble under scrutiny, Karatbars international has year after year proved its identity as a legitimate e-commerce company."

Being based within Stuttgart Germany, this company deals with some of the strictest business laws anywhere in Europe and have time and again excelled under such stringent regulations & mandates.

karatbars are vatican approvedIf Karatbars operated as a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme it would have been shut down long ago,

"Keep in mind that the Vatican does not associate itself with just anybody and would definitely not form any sort of agreement with a company that is a scam!

Karatbars International has thrived and is currently embraced by 123 countries world wide as a reputable supplier of 999.9, 24 Karat currency grade gold bullion.

Karatbars Inbuilt Authenticity & Certification Features

It is significant to note that each Karatbars card is LBMA certified 999.9 24 Karat currency grade gold bullion and contains a unique serial number implanted in an inbuilt holographic image. This added feature provides all Karatbars gold cards with inbuilt authenticity and certification, added security and providing customers with the ability to use them as an easily recognized and valuable source of exchange worldwide. No certification papers required!

These inbuilt features greatly increase the value of each and every Karatbars gold bullion card and easily compensate customers for the slightly higher purchase price. It is important to note that JM Bullion charges customers for certification papers (essential when reselling your gold) and the buy back price is less than what Karatbars offers. So in the long run, Karatbars are indeed cheaper!

karatbars scam or notEach Karatbars gold bullion card (1g, 2.5g & 5g) possess inbuilt certification information to enable customers to prove its authenticity, purity, weight & several other very important factors needed when reselling your gold.

Each Karatbars Card Contains;

1. Certified gold quality and weight
2. Authenticity stamp
3. Certified weight
4. Assayers signature
5. LBMA certification
6. Embossed serial number
7. Security hologram

"Taking into consideration these added bonuses and several additional compensatory features such as having one of the best buy back price on the marketplace; invaluable inbuilt security and certification features; joined with the opportunity to earn generous commissions via their well structured affiliate program; it makes sense why Karatbars are SLIGHTLY more expensive."

Karatbars Shipping Cost Explained

Below is the shipping price according to how many Karatbars you want shipped:

karatbars shipping cost explained1 Gram Karatbars card = $21.11
5 x 1 Gram Karatbars card = $21.11
10 x 1 Gram Karatbars card = $21.11
20 x 1 Gram Karatbars card = $21.11
40 x 1 Gram Karatbars card = $21.11

"Your purchased gold (up to 100g) can be securely vaulted with Karatbars international FREE of charge and shipping is less expensive (up to 40 cards can be posted for the same price as a 1 gram Karatbars card)."

Karatbars Scam Websites In Google

With any online business that sounds too good to be true, sceptics will inevitably claim that it is a scam, or that you are being swindled out of your money. Even well-known and legitimate businesses that have been in operation for years such as AMWAY and VEMMA, bring up numerous scam results in Google.

karatbars scamThere are many reasons why this often occurs in business. Too often slanderous comments are put forth by business rivals trying to discourage customers from purchasing from their competition, and persuade individuals to purchase their goods or services instead.

Some wish to ride the proverbial coat tails of up-and-coming businesses and trends in the aim of showcasing their wares to interested patrons.

Some may be wary from previous online business opportunities that failed to meet their expectations and lash out. Others still, are simply beguiled by misinformation and have not done their due diligence on the subject at hand.

"Many online Karatbars Scam Websites grossly mislead the general public by deleting any and all positive feedback or comments that address the doubts, concerns and misgivings that misinformed sceptics place online."

More often then not only the highly slanderous and poorly informed comments are shown. In most cases this is to cast dispersions and doubt on Karatbars and subsequently sway customers to purchase from other gold retail competitors.

Furthermore, such websites create a platform for these individuals to sell their own products or services onto customers who originally came to purchase gold.


Karatbars isn’t a scam. Whether you want to buy precious metals or start a business in this field, you can benefit from the option developed by the company.

The compensation plan, range of products and terms are clearly described on the company’s website. If you have additional questions about the model, you can contact the support team. All of the necessary information will be provided in a timely and convenient manner.

It will take some time to start benefiting from the opportunity but Karatbars is a 100 percent legitimate option. The decision to diversify your investment portfolio through the purchase of gold is a smart one. Starting a business in the world of precious metal trade is another great opportunity. Karatbars gives you both, which is why it’s certainly worth a try.

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