Karatbars Frequently Asked Questions

What is LBMA and LBMA-certified gold?

LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association. This is an international organization that represents the London gold and silver bullion market internationally. LBMA is a dynamic association that has a vast range of responsibilities. Some of its most important activities include creating and refining industry standards, maintaining trade documentation and making sure that industry reps adhere to the best practices within the field. On top of all that, LBMA is responsible for the maintenance of the Good Delivery List. It accredits new refiners and it frequently carries out testing of refiners that have already been accredited. The official website of LBMA is http://lbma.org.uk and you can find more information about the organization there.

How can I see how much money I’ve already earned through the Karatbars affiliate program?

Go to the Karatbars website and log into your account. If you enter the data correctly, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Look for Your Account Area on the dashboard. There, you’ll see the Pending Unilevel Payout data. The calculations are made on the 11th of each month. These calculations will determine your unilevel rank and the commission level you’ll be entitled to. Once the calculations have been completed, the money is going to be transferred to your Karatbars debit card.

Your profile is also going to feature additional payment information. Look for the tab titled Pending Dual Payout. This tab refers to the commissions you have earned during the previous week. The calculations encompass a period from Saturday to Friday (by midnight Central European Time (CET)). Once these commissions are transferred to the debit card on Friday, the counter will be reset.

Dual Commission This Week is the final field related to the money you’ve earned through the Karatbars system. These are real time calculations of the money that you’ve earned. Just like in the case of the pending dual payout data, this one will be reset on Friday, at 12am CET. Once the work week ends, all of the money from the Dual Commission This Week field will be taken to the Pending Dual Payout field. You will receive the earning during the coming Friday when they will be transferred to your Karatbars debit card.

How much gold should be purchased each month and what’s the number of referees needed to receive Karatbars bonuses?

Karatbars is an ecommerce business that deals with precious metal trading. The company also has a lucrative affiliate option that enables individuals to earn commissions. As such a company, we adhere to all of the German and World Trade Organization regulations for ecommerce businesses. Anyone interested in Karatbars is free from obligations in terms of sponsorships. There is a 12-week plan, which is an optional affiliate-based system. No individuals interacting with Karatbars, however, are obliged to participate in this program.

Will the gold be delivered to me once I purchase it or is there a storage option that I can benefit from?

Karatbars customers have access to an individual account and this individual account enables a lot of flexibility. The delivery method can be chosen on the basis of the customer’s preferences. Anyone who decides to go for delivery can have the gold provided one gram at a time. On top of that, Karatbars has its offshore storage Prosegur option. Prosegur is the third largest transportation and storage facility in the world and the best entity within this industry in Germany. You can rest assured that your gold is handled in a safe and convenient manner so that you don’t have to worry about it.

I have gold in my account and I have a Karatbars master card. How are they different?

These are two separate opportunities. The gold that you have is considered towards your savings account. In addition, you’ll get a master card that will be used for the commission generated through the Karatbars affiliate program. The Karatbars debit card can be used all over the world to make payments or get cash. If you choose to, you can have the gold delivered to you or we can store it in our vaults in Germany. So in essence, these two are separate instruments that you can use to earn money and to manage your savings.

Is my Karatbars gold insured?

The gold that you purchase from Karatbars comes with an insurance policy that is valid for the period during which your gold is stored at the company’s private vault. If you choose to, you may take the gold out of the vault and have it delivered to an address of preferences. The insurance will remain intact until you receive the gold and you sign a document stating that it has been transported safely to the address of preference.

What will happen if I’d like to have my Karatbars gold shipped to a certain address?

Karatbars uses FedEx to make its deliveries. The rate is flat and it’s approximately 25 dollars. Your gold will arrive to the address of preference in approximately two weeks.

What does KYC stand for and why is it important?

KYC refers to Know Your Customer as it has been defined under the Patriot Act. This means that a financial institution has to maintain database entries that contain information about all of its customers. Upon necessity, this information may be used to figure out whether anyone that uses the services of the financial institution has participated in terrorist activities and whether that individual has committed crime (like money laundering) in the past. To comply with KYC requirements, you’ll be asked to send us a scanned or photographic copy of your ID. Karatbars will maintain all of this personal data shared with the company confidential.

What is the Karatbars back office and how can I use it?

When your sponsor enlists you in the Karatbars program, you should get a walkthrough that acquaints you with the back office and its characteristics. There are numerous functions and you’ll also get to register your free account there.

Will my debit card be immediately and automatically sent to me?

The debit card will be sent to you after at least 35 euro has accumulated in your account in the form of commissions. Keep in mind that the card setup will cost 20 euro and a minimum deposit amount is set at 15 euro, hence the necessary sum. If you haven’t gotten commissions yet and you’d like to have a Karatbars card, you may want to pre-order it. This option is available for the individuals that decide to participate in the Dual System Pay Plan. In addition, you need to have at least a silver business package in order to pre-order.

Can members of my family use the account that I have created or do they need to open their individual accounts?

Karatbars doesn’t have an option for a joint account yet. If they want to, your significant other and your relatives can set their individual accounts.

How about a corporate account? Can there still be just one operator?

Yes, just like in the case of a private Karatbars account, an account that belongs to a business entity can be operated by only one person. Anyone who owns a business will get an opportunity to create one account and this account will have one authorized individual or signature. Only this individual will be granted rights to manage the account.

Does Karatbars offer any training for the individuals that choose to join the affiliate program?

Through the back office, you can access the Karatbars Terms and Conditions. These contain a lot of important data that you need to acquaint yourself with before moving on to anything else. You will be informed about the obligations that you have as an affiliate, the values and the norms of participating in the program. Keep in mind that Karatbars affiliates aren’t allowed to use the word investment. In addition, our affiliates aren’t entitled to providing tax advice, unless they have the required education and training for the purpose. It’s best to refer serious questions to the respective professionals instead of accepting such a responsibility and committing a grave mistake.

Does Karatbars have presentation and instructional videos?

A lot of multimedia information and presentations are available through the Karatbars back office.

Does the price of gold affect the value of the business packages that Karatbars offers or the price of the Karatbars gold?

Needless to say, the price of the Karatbars gold will fluctuate in accordance with the spot prices. The information is obtained on a daily basis from the London Fix and it’s updated to give both buyers and sellers accurate information.

Can you give me some information on the taxes that will affect my Karatbars profit?

As an individual that has joined the Karatbars program, you’ll have the status of an independent contractor. Accountants and bookkeeping experts can give you more information about the laws in your country, the manner in which you can complete such activities and the taxes that you’ll have to pay. The taxes usually vary from country to country so the best thing you can do is acquaint yourself with the local regulations.

Can I set up an account for my child?

All of our clients are free to set up accounts for children under the age of 18. The accounts of children can’t be used to earn affiliate commissions. Once again, the establishment of such accounts for kids and the regulations vary from country to country. Talking with a local professional about the specifics is the best thing to do.

When it comes to earning commission, do I have to buy gold every single month?

Our affiliates can earn from the unilevel system even if they haven’t bought gold during the particular month. To qualify for dual system earnings, you will have to make at least one purchase.

Can the Karatbars that I own be easily turned into cash?

Various businesses are being set up to accept the gold bars sold by Karatbars. In addition, these bars can be sold at shops that manufacture jewelry and buy/sell investment gold. Alternatively, you can sell your Karatbars on eBay or have them sold back in Karatbars groups. You can keep your bars stored by the company and upon necessity, these can easily be changed in cash. To learn more about the amount you’re going to make from the Karatbars, you’ll need to take a look at the exchange information listed on Karatbars.com.

How can I get the money from my Karatbars account?

As already mentioned, you will get a Karatbars debit card. Alternatively, you may choose Ipayout.

I’ve seen gold being sold at a lower price elsewhere.

It’s possible that other companies have more affordable gold. Just like all other products, gold items aren’t priced identically. The difference between Karatbars and other opportunities is that other shops don’t pay you commissions. Other stores will limit your ability to buy gold on the basis of how much money you can invest in it at the particular moment. The Karatbars system and opportunities give you a lot more freedom and flexibility.

The Karatbars prices are still quite affordable, especially considering the fact that the Karatbars are certified and their authenticity can be proven easily. The gold is derived from an LBMA-certified refinery, which is why investing a bit more in this opportunity will make a lot of sense.

Do I have any obligation to sponsor as a Karatbars affiliate?

There are no requirements for becoming a sponsor when you join the Karatbars program. Still, to begin earning lucrative commissions you will need to find two individuals that will become Karatbars affiliates under you. This is all you’ll have to do in order to get started. These two individuals will have their responsibilities for attracting affiliates and so on. As a result, the initial effort will pay off and your network will continue growing without any involvement on your behalf.

Let us talk about numbers – how much does the average Karatbars affiliate earn on a weekly basis?

The amount that affiliates earn will depend on the package that they’ve chosen. Obviously, individuals that have a gold or a VIP package are the ones that will earn the mot. An individual that has bought the VIP package and that manages to complete six cycles per day will earn 600 dollars on a daily basis. Keep in mind that completing six cycles on a daily basis isn’t unrealistic. In fact, many Karatbars members are capable of doing just that.

How can I get some additional information about Karatbars?

We have live webinars that provide additional information about being a successful Karatbars affiliate. More information is available at

What kinds of marketing tools can I benefit from?

Recently, Karatbars gave its affiliates a brand new opportunity to do more effective marketing. The free landing pages look professional and they’re a wonderful opportunity for growing the Karatbars network. A robust marketing system is also available under the “products” tab in the back office.

Can I be certain that Karatbars is a legitimate opportunity rather than a scam?

Absolutely! As already mentioned, the gold sold by Karatbars is derived from an LBMA-certified refinery. In addition, the company is based in Germany and it adheres to the country’s and to EU regulations.

Why should I consider investing in gold?

Investing in gold makes a lot of sense in a world that’s financially and politically instable. Inflation and crises change the value of money all the time. It’s a general rule of thumb that when the value of money goes down, the value of precious metals will go up. In addition, gold is an excellent buffer against inflation and an asset that you must have in your investment portfolio.

How about the price of gold? I’ve seen it go down lately.

Historically, the price of gold has been going up over the past decades. Even if it goes down temporarily, gold is a long-term investment option. In the years to come, gold will increase its value and give you an opportunity to generate profit.

My country isn’t listed with Karatbars. Can I still buy a package?

If your country isn’t listed with Karatbars, you’ll need to contact us. The work hours are from 8am to 5pm CET.

Is Karatbars a pyramid scheme? My friends say that it is.

Karatbars isn’t a pyramid scheme – it provides fair compensation opportunities to everyone that joins the network. As already mentioned, all individuals that become affiliates can make decent amounts of money. The monetization opportunity will simply be dependent on the business package picked but everybody will earn from commissions. Since all individuals are compensated for their efforts, Karatbars can’t be considered a pyramid scheme.

I have a big number of people in one leg and just a few in the other. What happens in this situation and what do I earn?

If you have 20 members in your left leg, for example, you’ll be building a straight line. In addition, you’ll be building their left leg. Under Karatbars, you benefit from automatic settings and the two legs are developed evenly. Keep in mind that you need 25 units in one leg and 50 units in the other to complete a cycle. The placement of new members in your network is entirely dependent on your preferences and the same applies to what they decide to do with their networks.

To learn more about building your network and making the most of the opportunity, you should most definitely consider the Karatbars webinars. These will give you additional information about building and distributing your legs, cycling and what it takes to complete a cycle quickly. Your sponsor can also be helpful, giving you some information about getting established. In this essence, Karatbars is a unique business opportunity. Everybody’s interested in helping others improve their performance. The shared know-how and enthusiasm enable all of the Karatbars members to earn money in the form of commissions right from the start.

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