Karatbars Business Opportunity

What is the Karatbars Business Opportunity & How Does it Work?

Karatbars International provides its customers a remarkable opportunity to achieve financial independence and security via a well-structured, lucrative affiliate program. Upon signing up with Karatbars International, members can utilize a wide variety of marketing tools to make your promotional efforts both easy and highly effective.

karatbars business opportunityThese include;

• Pre-made Informational Websites
• Educational Webinars
• Automated Message Centre Sizzle Calls
• Marketing Postcards
• Personalized Business Cards
• Promotional Email templates
• And much more!!

"Karatbars affiliate program is free to Join, but has the option to upgrade to Bronze, Silver, Gold & VIP Packages to earn much higher commissions for your referral and promotional efforts."

There are two primary ways in which Karatbars affiliates can earn money and receive FREE gold. These include the Uni-Level pay plan, wherein members can earn direct commissions by referring others to join up, and also the Dual System payment plan that rewards you for the combined promotional efforts of all individuals in your down-line.

Karatbars International Uni-level Payment Plan

With the Uni-Level payment Plan, members receive a direct commission off all individuals that are signed up personally. Commissions that you receive are dependent upon your package rank, or volume.

Karatbars International Dual System Payment Plan

Unlike binary systems, wherein you receive accrued commissions from your weakest leg & the company keeps the rest, Karatbars provides it members with a true Dual System Payment Plan where you receive commissions from both legs in your down-line.

Units are awarded and placed into your down-line when your referrals purchase either a Karatbars Package or when they buy a Karatbars gold bullion card. Once you accrue 50 units in one leg and 25 in the other leg you will cycle and earn commissions.

"Depending upon how powerful and successful your down-line is, determines how many times you cycle. Many Karatbars members cycle several times a day!"

e.g. If a person in the left leg of your down-line purchases a Silver Package you will receive 20 units. Then if a member of right leg purchases a gold package you will receive 50 units. So in essence it would take only another 5 units for you to cycle. The more proactive you and your down-line are with referral efforts the more you cycle and the more money you make!

Karats Business Packages & Referral Commissions

All commissions you receive in the Karatbars Affiliate Program are dependent upon the package you possess.

You can become a Karatbars affiliate FREE of charge. You are not required to purchase any package or gold. You can then gain access to your affiliate back office, get your own website and personal referral link.

The Karatbars affiliate program has a tried and proven method to create a very successful passive residual income using powerful online marketing tools (listed above).

karatbars compensation plan

• Bronze: $135.00USD. 5% is paid on any one you directly have brought into the business side. When you cycle, you receive $10.00 Euros.

• Silver: $350.00USD. 10% is paid on anyone you directly have brought into business side. When you cycle, you receive $40.00 Euros.

• Gold: $800.00USD. 15% is paid on anyone you directly have brought into the business side. When you cycle, you receive $60.00 Euros.

• VIP: $2,000.00USD. 20% is paid on anyone you directly have brought into the business side. When you cycle, you receive $80.00 Euros.


What you MUST know to earn the most income with Karatbars

Getting Started With The Karatbars Opportunity

karatbars international opportunityGetting started is incredibly easy. You’ll simply have to register and choose the plan that you’re interested in. It’s possible to test the opportunity out with one of the more affordable packages and buy something a bit more expensive as you establish your positions.

Karatbars has a legitimate business model that many people have already joined. The monetization potential will be entirely dependent on the amount of work you put in the process and your commitment. You can earn serious income with Karatbars, which is why joining the network is definitely a good idea.

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