Is Gold a Good Investment?

Is It A Good Time To Buy Gold Now

Investing in gold has been a staple for such a long time that some people are starting to question the opportunity. In a highly innovative world, aren’t there better products and assets to purchase for a quality long-term investment?

Is gold a good investment? What factors determine its attractiveness and keep it as a top option even today?

Anyone that wants to benefit from investment portfolio stability should consider the purchase of a precious metal. Several factors determine the attractiveness of this decision.

Karatbars Gold Are A Protection Against Currency Devaluation

We live in a turbulent period. Financial crises, political turmoil and even social developments have an impact on the value of money. Some of the world’s biggest currencies (including the US dollar and the European euro) have seen a few major devaluations over the past few years.

When answering the question is gold a good investment, it’s important to keep an interesting correlation in mind. Whenever the value of currency goes down, the value of precious metals goes up. In this sense, gold offers a great protection against currency devaluation. Don’t save your money in a bank account because you risk losing it all. Having some physical gold stored in a safe will be a much better idea.

Converting Paper Currency Into Karatbars Gold Provides A Buffer Against Inflation

The money that you own today isn’t going to have the same purchasing power in the future. Do you think that $100 today will buy the same for you NEXT year?
Gold and silver are two historically sound precious metals that have always protected people from the diminishing purchasing power of currencies losing value, either by deflation, inflation or collapse.

Gold is such a great tangible physical asset to own and at the very least it has always held its’ value or increased its’ value during difficult times. Informed investment consultants commonly recommend to their clients that a portion of their portfolio from 10 to 30-40% be placed into the safety of gold and silver.

The Price Of Gold – It’s a Matter of Supply and Demand

The amount of gold available for purchase is limited. In fact, all of the gold found, mined, refined and transported throughout history would fit into a 75X75 foot cube. People all over the world recognize and love the qualities of gold. Due to its’ scarcity, gold looks to be in a position of always being desired and sought after with a limited amount available. Hence, the very probable increase in its value.

All Gold Products Aren’t Created Equal – Karatbars International Is The World Leader In 999.9 24 Karat 1 Gram Gold

If you are already convinced that gold is the best and safest tangible physical asset to place devaluing currency into, then you would probably like to know HOW to acquire this very special and alluring metal—gold that you can touch, hold, admire and accumulate.

Please know that all gold products are not created equal. Karatbars International gold in their 1, 2.5 and 5 gram bullion bars are 24 karat, 999.9 fineness, currency grade gold (governments settle their debts through the International Bank of Settlements with this fineness gold (i.e.999.9). You may find gold that costs a bit less. You need to know that “spot” price is not the retail price of gold but it is the investment traders PAPER gold price of which there is about 1,000 pieces of investment paper for each piece of physical gold).

If you investigate into the producers of 1 gram gold, they all have storage costs as well as higher mailing costs to the customer and NO one else has this quality gold that you can help others lift themselves out of debt by educating them on the value of their own gold savings account and get paid by doing so.

Karatbars International gold bullion products have been created with a vision to make the highest quality gold affordable to the huge numbers of people who want to own physical gold, but found that it was too expensive to buy in the ounce or kilo amounts. That has all changed with the production of 1, 2.5 and 5 gram amounts. Now those who wish to swap their devaluing paper “money” into owning their own physical gold, can now do so. The price can vary but on average, a 1 gram 24 karat, 999.9 fineness bullion can be purchased for about $57.00USD. The price even gets less because of the 3% discount cards that come with a package purchase. Lastly, the 2.5 and 5 gram amounts are even less expensive per gram as well.

A final characteristic sets Karatbars International apart from the debt based spender paradigm that has bankrupted the world. The company has developed its’ unique AFFILIATE program. Thus, individuals who join Karatbars International can earn from others on their team who purchase gold products and they can also earn by educating others on how they can escape from being an indebted spender to someone who has created their own GOLD savings account. It is a win-win situation